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We’ve written books to share our insights on communicating science and establishing oneself as a science communicator. #SciComm

At Fancy Comma, LLC, we believe that scientists are the best people to talk about science, whether it’s to inform the general public, in conversation with other scientists, to educate key stakeholders such as lawmakers or investors, or debunk misinformation. Scientists know a lot about science because it’s what they do day in and day out.

Despite their expert status in the field of science, scientists do not receive the training needed in communications, public relations, and marketing to communicate science to a general audience or a specialized audience of key stakeholders. As a result, much of academic science writing is full of jargon and inaccessible to non-scientists.

We wrote our first book, How to Get Started in Freelance Science Writing, as a guide to help people with a science background transition to science writing.

In our second book, Amplifying Science Communication with Public Relations, we talk about ways using public relations principles as a science communicator can amplify your work, improve science literacy and promote public engagement with science, combat misinformation, and help you advance in your career. Read an excerpt here or on Amazon, and check out Brittany Trinh’s book review.

Both books are available in paperback and eBook versions at the links above. If you end up purchasing our books and benefiting from them, please consider leaving us a good review. Thank you!

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By the way, we also provide SciComm training and mentoring services. You can learn about that here!

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