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As a science communications company founded by a scientist who has taught students at the K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels, we are always seeking to help people learn new things.

Learn about digital marketing, writing, science communication, science policy, and more from @fancycomma for free.

Fancy Comma, LLC prides itself in offering free guidance for aspiring writers, including science communicators. Why pay for an online course when you can learn for free?

Keep scrolling for our free resources available on subjects including digital marketing, writing, science communication, science policy, and more.

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Whether you’re looking for information on science communication, seeking insight on how to get into science policy, need guidance as a writer or entrepreneur, or are looking for information on Search Engine Optimization and/or interpreting statistics, we’ve got free resources that can help:

Get into SciComm and SciPol – Read Sheeva’s insights on ways to get started in science communications and science policy.

“A Scientist in Politics” – Read about Sheeva’s lifelong journey uniting her triple passions of science, writing, and policy in this seven-part blog series.

Books We’ve Written – Learn about the books Fancy Comma, LLC has published, available on Amazon.

Resources for Writers – Visit our free resource site for aspiring and established writers.

Resources for Entrepreneurs – We’ve blogged about entrepreneurship to help small business owners navigate the business landscape.

Our Helpful Guides – Whether you need to learn the foundations of Search Engine Optimization or polling statistics, you can find your answers here in our straightforward explainer series.

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