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“[Sheeva]’s writing is sharp, clear, and demonstrates the expertise needed for technical subject matters.”

Fancy Comma, LLC provides the best white paper writing services for technical topics. We work with clients to understand their audience, overall message, desired tone, and so on, to come up with an impactful document that communicates simply and effectively. Check out what our clients have to say!

Keep reading to learn more about white papers, and about why Fancy Comma, LLC excels in white paper writing.

What Is a White Paper?

A white paper is a document that is typically informational, and frequently a marketing document. White papers do a lot in not so many words: often no more than 10-15 pages long, they are meant to introduce a topic, and both inform and persuade readers about its importance. You can think of a white paper as a bite-size, easy-to-digest introduction to a specific topic or issue.

White papers often take a formal, academic tone, and can be used for many purposes, such as:

  • Informing people about a problem and its solution
  • Promoting a person, product, or service
  • Highlight a specific topic and its importance
  • Discussing a case study
  • Provide a general overview of an emerging topic
  • Discussing trends in a given industry and ways to move forward
  • Helping stakeholders (such as policymakers, investors, or others) have the information needed for decision-making

A good white paper is informative and authoritative, and backed by research. It also addresses the topic in a comprehensive manner.

Fancy Comma, LLC Is Skilled in White Paper Writing

Here at Fancy Comma, LLC, we’ve ghostwritten numerous white papers on different topics. In the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve written about many topics in the science, medical, finance, policy, and business sectors. Some example white papers topics we’ve written about include:

  • The impact of automation on the global supply chain
  • Using technology to drive meaningful reform in Congress
  • Topics in medical and nursing education
  • Advances in biotechnology
  • Trends and market analysis in the biotechnology sector
  • Trends and shifts in the high-tech sector, and ways to advance global innovation
  • A successful case study of a novel policy implementation in state government

We have written white papers for medical and nurse educators, potential biotech company investors, members of Congress, and other important stakeholders. As a company working at the intersection of science, finance, technology, health, policy, and business, we combine our strong content knowledge in these fields with our ability to write accessible, easy-to-understand technical content for people who may not have expertise in these fields. Our goal is to take the complexities of a given topic and present it in a way that is easy to understand, with the goal of both informing and persuading the reader.

Applying Our Research Expertise to White Paper Writing

Fancy Comma, LLC’s founder, Sheeva Azma, has been a freelance writer working at the intersection of science, technology, finance, health, business, and policy since 2013. As a bylined science, technology, and finance writer, her work has appeared in places such as The Motley Fool. Her ghostwritten work, including white papers, can be found in many different corners of the web. Sheeva holds a degree in brain and cognitive sciences from MIT and a Master’s degree in neuroscience from Georgetown University. You can read her research articles on Google Scholar.

While fundamentally a marketing document, white papers are not “fluffy;” they are packed with data and information. Research is what makes white papers impactful. As a science writer, Sheeva applies her research skills and content knowledge in science, technology, health, business, and policy to write persuading white papers.

Work with Fancy Comma, LLC for the Best White Paper Writing Services

We’d love to work with you to write a white paper that gets results. To learn more about Fancy Comma, LLC’s white paper writing services, please get in touch.

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