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“This MIT-educated genius is a magician when it comes to words and writing.”

Communicating complex science? Hiring a copywriter and copyeditor trained in the sciences can help make your ideas more accessible.

image of a brainbow
A “brainbow” of brain cells. Photo credit: Sci Art Magazine

Fancy Comma, LLC can help you bring clarity and impact to your scientific messaging. Keep reading to learn more about our science copywriting and copyediting services.

About Scientific Copywriter and Copyeditor Sheeva Azma

As a scientific copywriter and copyeditor, Sheeva’s goal is to communicate science effectively and engagingly. She’s written about all sorts of topics in science and technology, including (but not limited to):

A science writer since 2013, Sheeva is also involved in training future generations of science communicators. She has lectured at universities about the importance of science communications for scientists, and has authored a number of articles on ways to improve science communication. She earned her BS in brain and cognitive sciences from MIT and an MS in neuroscience from Georgetown University.

Scientific Copywriting Services

Here are a few ways Sheeva, a science copywriter with extensive experience in both science research and digital and strategic communications, can help you:

  • Research-backed internet writing such as blogs and social media content to grow your online presence
  • One-pagers and memos explaining complex science to people such as lawmakers, investors, etc., to help build trust and understanding among key stakeholders
  • White papers at the intersection of science, health, technology, business, finance, and policy to get your message across and position you as a leader in your field
  • Academic journal article ghostwriting, especially in the life sciences, biotech, and medicine
  • Life sciences and biotech copywriting to help boost scientific literacy and facilitate understanding about emerging biomedical technologies and therapeutics
  • Social media content creation and strategy (for example, to support product marketing efforts)

Sheeva is especially well-versed in the life sciences and biotech marketing world, having contributed content ideas and strategy to a high-profile biotech marketing campaign by a large global biotech brand. She is well-versed in the challenges of marketing for startup companies, and cognizant of the regulatory aspects involved.

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Scientific Copyediting Services

Science influences everything we do as humans. Despite this, deciphering science can be a challenge; jargon-packed science writing does not readily lend itself to understanding. We can help.

Some of our scientific copyediting services include:

  • Document editing
  • Editing and fact-checking books with a significant science component
  • Copyediting academic journal articles and preparing them for publication
  • Proofreading research grants and biosketches for grammar, clarity, flow, etc.
  • Optimizing existing science-based web content for search engines

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Scientific Communication Consultancy Services

Founded by a scientist turned science writer, communicator, and strategist, Fancy Comma, LLC seeks to help people understand science and its impacts. We’re a boutique marketing and strategic communications firm with proven experience in developing messaging for the most complex topics. Fancy Comma, LLC works at the intersection of science, technology, health, policy, business, and finance to serve sectors including biotech, government, academia, nonprofits, and more.

We can see the forest for the trees. We know what it takes for your scientific and technical content to attract interest, be easily understood, and make a big impact. We provide consultancy services to improve your scientific writing, or to support content marketing strategy for your organization or company. Rely on us for expert insights in copywriting, marketing, and strategic communications to take your project to the next level.

If you’re looking for a science-minded strategic communications and marketing professional to lend their expertise to your project, get in touch.

Hire Fancy Comma, LLC for well-crafted, research-backed science communications! Contact us with any questions or to get a customized price quote.

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