Whatever your needs, Fancy Comma, LLC is ready to assist you. We offer 20+ years of combined research and writing experience to deliver high-quality web writing, content writing, blogging, copyediting, and SEO services.

Our talented team has also compiled comprehensive resource pages to serve your needs as a writer, researcher, entrepreneur, or aspiring intern —  including guides on topics such as avoiding pitfalls when hiring a freelancer to freelance technical writing. Do you need to diversify your writing style while optimizing your web visibility through SEO enhancement? We’ve got a guide for that!

We also cover tips on researching, writing, and crafting compelling pitches on a variety of topics to increase your chances of publication. Additionally, we offer sage advice from ourselves and others on succeeding in small business and entrepreneurship. Our blog posts can help you whether you’re an aspiring or new entrepreneur trying to secure your company, or a seasoned small business owner navigating the choppy waters of work-life balance.

Our Helpful Guides
Learn about SEO, statistics, and more to come.

Resources for Writers
Check out Fancy Comma, LLC’s resources for aspiring, new, and established writers.

Resources for Entrepreneurs
Our helpful advice on entrepreneurship can help you start a new business or take your business to the next level.

COVID-19 Resources
Learn more about the science of COVID-19 in a series of informative posts.

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We’ve also written a book on how to get into freelance science writing, available on Amazon.

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