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Whether you’re a scientist interested in science writing, science communication (SciComm), marketing, journalism, and/or policy, you’ll find a lot of free, helpful information here.

Science doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it occurs in conversation with society. Break down silos and gain insight needed to apply science knowledge to writing, #SciComm, marketing, journalism, and policy in this guide.

Fancy Comma, LLC was founded by Sheeva Azma, a scientist turned science writer and communications strategist. Recognizing that her versatile skill set merging digital marketing, political work, science expertise, and writing is rather unique among scientists, Sheeva seeks to help others seeking these rewarding (and, perhaps surprisingly, highly overlapping) paths.

If you’re curious about ways you can apply your scientific knowledge in the communications/writing, marketing, journalism, and/or policy worlds, keep reading.

By the way, Fancy Comma, LLC works to simplify complex concepts and make them understandable and impactful. We are a boutique SciComm firm providing tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs. If you’re interested to learn about the many things a science communications, policy, marketing, and journalism firm can do, check out our list of services.

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Science-informed marketing: A new application of SciComm
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Science Writing / Communication Resources for Scientists

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Science-Informed Marketing: A New Application of SciComm

The pandemic has changed the way we interact with science, revealing a need for science-literate marketers to communicate key scientific takeaways for the general public.

Combining scientific knowledge with marketing or communications helps break down silos, rebuild public trust in science, and boost science literacy. Marketing isn’t taught in science programs in undergraduate and graduate school, so we hope to serve as a resource for others interested in this field.

Check out these resources for more:

  • Learn more about science copywriting. Science copywriting exists at the intersection of science communication and marketing. It involves explaining scientific concepts in marketing materials such as blogs, white papers, social media content, and more.
  • Read all our posts about science copywriting and marketing more generally.
  • Read our explainer on how Google Search works and incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) into your writing.
  • Improve your skills with one-on-one mentoring with Fancy Comma. We’ve worked with some of the most well-known brands and organizations in the science, health, and technology spaces.

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Science Journalism

Sheeva Azma, Fancy Comma’s founder, is a bylined science journalist. Check out her portfolio on her personal website. Here are her favorite science journalism resources:

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Science Policy (SciPol)

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