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We are experts in simplifying complex science and technology in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Whether you need scientific writing services, an essay proofreader, the services of an editor for hire, academic paper editing, or other professional writing and editing services, Fancy Comma, LLC is the best choice. Just check out what our clients have to say!

We offer internet writing, document editing, and professional career-oriented writing (bios, coverletters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles).

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Internet-Based Writing

Looking to hire a content writer or SEO writing service? Our team of experienced and professional content and copywriters are knowledgeable in the best practices for web content, including Search Engine Optimization or SEO principles.  Whether you need professional blog, article, e-book, copywriting, or content writing, Fancy Comma, LLC’s professional writers will work with you to help you fulfill your digital web content strategy and reach your content marketing goals.

You can order a limited subset of our professional writing services online or contact us for a quote for more complex projects.

Professional Document Editing Services

As a professional editing service, our goal is to provide error-free editing which corrects spelling, grammar, flow, structure, punctuation, and other aspects of writing as needed. If you’ve written something and just aren’t happy with it, and are looking for a professional editor to take a look, we can help you. We are skilled in English proofreading services for people who speak English as a second language. We can also perform editing of blog posts to improve SEO in addition to the above mentioned issues.

For our proofreading and other editing services, please contact us for a quote.

Career-Focused Writing: Bio, Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile

Whether you’re applying to a new job or simply trying to improve your professional presence on the web, we can help you. Whether you’re a newly minted college graduate, a startup founder looking for a biography for a pitch deck, or a CEO of a Fortune 100 company, count on us to highlight your best qualities, experience, and credentials in career-focused writing such as biographies, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and cover letters.

Please contact us for more information about our these career-related writing and consultancy services.

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