Sheeva thinks outside the box and has an open mind for uncommon solutions.”

We are skilled in content writing, copywriting, and digital communications strategy that simplifies the complex. Our content expertise includes health, science, business, technology, finance, and policy. Check out what our clients have to say!

Fancy Comma, LLC’s services include:

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Internet-Based Writing

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If you’re looking for someone to write web-based content such as blog posts, landing pages, white papers, and more, look no further than our team of experienced and professional content and copywriters. We’re knowledgeable in the best practices for web content, including Search Engine Optimization or SEO principles. Read more here or contact us. You can also order a limited subset of our web writing services here.

White Paper Writing Services

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We write actionable, informative, research-backed white papers that inform and persuade. Our ability to communicate complex science and technology concepts in an easy-to-understand way helps our clients succeed.

We’ve written white papers for important stakeholders such as members of Congress; performed B2B white paper writing to help businesses communicate their value to other businesses; and communicated case studies in white paper form. Learn more here.

Scientific Copywriting and Copyediting

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As a scientist, one learns that the facts speak for themselves. As any science writer will tell you, the facts must be skillfully communicated to be understood. Improve understanding and impact of your scientific content by hiring a scientific copywriter and copyeditor. Learn more here.

Medical Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

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Looking for a medical writer who can spruce up your latest manuscript? Have data and analysis but don’t have time to write it up for a scientific journal? Need a pair of fresh eyes to read your dissertation? Fancy Comma, LLC can help. Learn more about our medical, writing, and proofreading services here.

Professional Document Editing Services

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We provide copyediting services to correct spelling, grammar, flow, structure, punctuation, and other aspects of writing as needed. We are skilled in English proofreading services for people who speak English as a second language. We can also perform an SEO audit on existing content to help your content gain web visibility. Learn more here.

For our proofreading and other editing services, please contact us for a quote.

Strategic Communications Services

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We’re skilled at effective marketing and political communications involving complex content. Learn more here.

Political Communications Services

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We’re skilled at communicating in the political sphere, whether that’s on behalf of lawmakers or their constituents. Look to us to simplify your communications when it comes to complex issues in science, technology, health, business, finance, and policy. Learn more about our political communications services here.

Career-Focused Writing: Bio, Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile

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Whether you’re applying to a new job or simply trying to improve your professional presence on the web, we can help you. Whether you’re a newly minted college graduate, a startup founder looking for a biography for a pitch deck, or a CEO of a Fortune 100 company, count on us to highlight your best qualities, experience, and credentials in career-focused writing such as biographies, LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and cover letters.

Please contact us for more information about our these career-related writing and consultancy services.

Journalism Writing (Reporting)

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Fancy Comma, LLC’s founder, Sheeva Azma, is a bylined freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in publications including The Motley Fool, The Xylom, Science Talk, Union for Concerned Scientists blog, The Arts Fuse, The Prompt, and more. Check out Sheeva’s journalism portfolio here. Contact us for more information about our reporting services!

Digital Content Strategy

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Look to us to design a blog content strategy that will bring you a great return on investment (ROI) in terms of page visibility and web traffic. We can help streamline your web strategy to align with your organization’s goals – get in touch with us here.

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