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Make Your Digital Strategy Come to Life with Fancy Comma, LLC

Fancy Comma, LLC is the best professional writing service for web content writing and editing.  Our team of expert freelance writers have over 20+ years of writing experience, and are knowledgeable in the best practices for web content creation, including Search Engine Optimization or SEO principles.  All of our blog and website content is SEO-optimized so that your content will have the greatest impact in Google search results.

Our web content writing experts can help your writing projects come to life based on a simple vision.  Whether you are writing a blog, updating a website, writing an e-book, or require copywriting services for another purpose, Fancy Comma, LLC’s professional writers will work with you to help you fulfill your digital web content strategy and reach your content marketing goals. Check out what our clients have to say.

Why Choose Fancy Comma, LLC?

We can help your blog, business, or other enterprise grow while helping you stay true to your voice and/or brand. Read more to learn about some of the different professional writing services we offer for internet-based writing.

You can order a limited subset of our professional writing services online or contact us for a quote for more complex projects.

SEO-Optimized Web Copywriting and Web Content Creation Services

We offer different styles of writing in the domain of web content and copywriting, including:

Blog Writing

We write both short-form and long-form articles, and though our research skills are sharp and we can write on a variety of topics, we have specific expertise in scientific writing, health writing, medical writing, business writing, finance writing, and policy/legislative writing.  Our experience in blog writing includes listicles, how-to guides, explanatory blog posts, opinion pieces, news stories, general interest blog posts, and more.  

Article Writing

We are skilled in summarizing complex topics in an easy-to-understand format for a general audience. While our primary areas of writing expertise are science, health, medicine, finance, and policy, we have very strong research skills and can explain just about anything in simple terms to a general audience.

Website Writing 

Home pages, landing pages, “About Us” or “About Me” pages, FAQ pages, product descriptions for e-Commerce websites, we write them all.

Technical Writing

Technical writing refers to a very specific type of instructional writing such as user manuals, user guides, how-to pages, and other explanatory documents. We have written how-to guides for tech companies, copyedited user manuals, and more.

E-Book Writing

An e-Book is a document meant to inform people who have very little to no experience or understanding of a topic. We are strong in research and explaining complex details to a general audience and have written eBooks in the fields of health and aviation, to name a few.

E-Mail and Social Media Writing

Whether it’s writing compelling e-mails, Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram updates, or LinkedIn content, we can write it all, with an eye to increasing engagement and social media followers.

Press Release Writing

A press release is a standard document used to announce news to the media. We have written dozens of press releases for tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, and others who have something important to announce.

Case Study Writing

A case study involves discussing a problem, and the solution that was developed to solve that problem. We are skilled in writing case studies for clients including tech companies.

Interview Writing

Fancy Comma, LLC knows how to ask the right questions in an interview and then turn them into blog posts or other web or content writing. We can also turn an existing interview into an insightful and interesting blog post. Check out some of the interviews we’ve done over at our blog.

Research Writing

We are well-versed in research and experts in scientific, technology, health, policy, business, and other research content writing. We know that well-informed articles make for better SEO and higher placement on Google Search results. Check out Fancy Comma Lead Researcher/Writer Sheeva Azma’s research experience here.

White Paper Writing

White papers are informational, yet promotional, documents which are frequently used in B2B and B2C writing. They are informational research reports directed toward a specific purpose. We do the research needed to make your white paper stand out, inform, and drive sales. Read more about our white paper writing services.

Other Web Writing and Editing Services

Fancy Comma, LLC’s professional web writing services are not limited to those mentioned above.  For example, we also offer web content editing.  Our freelance writers can also edit your web content with an eye to improving the content, grammar, structure, flow, and SEO optimization of existing web content.

Choose Fancy Comma, LLC for the Best Web Content

Fancy Comma, LLC can help you make your web content stand out from the rest with our authoritative, well-researched web content writing services. Click here to contact us.

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