8 Ways Hiring a Freelancer Has Helped My Blog

A Guest Post by Anne at UniqueGifter.com

Fancy Comma, LLC is honored to publish this post by Anne, owner of Unique Gifter, a site with gift ideas that has been recognized by leading sites such as NerdWallet. Anne has been writing about gift giving and personal finance online since 2012. Read on to learn about how hiring a freelancer has helped Anne with her blogging journey at Unique Gifter.

Most blog owners end up considering a freelancer at some point or another. Whether you’re looking for one because you’re short on time, or there’s skills you don’t have, there’s plenty of benefits to hiring outside help. Even new bloggers can benefit from an extra pair of hands! Here are some ways hiring a freelancer has helped my blog, and can help yours, too.

Ways Hiring a Freelancer Has Helped my Blog

Not every blogger is making a ton of cash off their website. If you’re still in the building stage of your website, hiring a freelancer might seem daunting – especially if you’re looking at professionals with high fees. So how do you justify that expense? 

Personally, I’ve been hiring freelancers to help with my blog for a few years now. At first, it was definitely a learning curve! Now I don’t think I would be nearly as successful as a blogger without the strategic help I’ve hired to grow my blogging business.

Here are a few examples of just some of the ways hiring a freelancer has helped my blog. 

A broader range of topics can be covered

With my freelance writers, I’m able to blog about certain topics I don’t know about personally. For Unique Gifter, that means geeky topics! They’re super popular on my site, but since I don’t know much about gaming, I rely on my freelancers to create great content in that niche.

It’s worked, too. Those posts are some of the most popular ones on my blog! As I’ve grown, I’ve also been able to find writers from different backgrounds, so my blog’s perspective is more inclusive and varied than if I wrote everything myself.

photo of laptop, smartphone, tea, book
Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash

Things (actually) get done

I think we’re all guilty of having a never-ending to-do list. Blogging adds a lot of extra, sometimes tedious, tasks to your everyday life. Even if it’s a blog that you’re passionate about, chances are that juggling writing a blog and the rest of life means that some things don’t get done.

“Chances are that juggling writing a blog and the rest of life means that some things don’t get done. Hiring freelancers has made it so that all the little things I need to do to keep my blog running smoothly actually get done.” @UGifter

Hiring freelancers has made it so all the little things I need to do to keep my blog running smoothly actually get done. It also takes the mental load of having incomplete tasks off my mind, which is great for my stress levels.

It frees up my time so I can focus on more important things

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Hiring a freelancer to do some of the less complicated tasks on my to do list has helped my blog by freeing up my time to focus on other things. Instead of scheduling pins, for example, I can work on new content strategies or build my social media following. 

A freelancer can take care of those regular tasks that don’t really need your input. If you get a great one (like I have!), you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done without them.

No need to learn new skills

When I first started my blog, I had no idea how technical everything would be! For most people, creating a website, designing Pinterest pins, and growing social media are all new skills to learn when they come into blogging. Rather than waste my time trying to figure out something I’m not that interested in, I’d rather just hire a specialized freelancer to take care of those tasks.

Even though it might be tempting for me to save money and do it myself, I know that by hiring a freelancer I’ll get higher quality work than I probably would do on my own. After all, freelancers usually have years of experience to gain those skills. I also think about my own time; often, my time is worth more than what I’d be paying a freelancer anyway.

You can’t do everything at once

As you start building your blog, you’ll probably want to keep that momentum going. But with only so many hours in the day, how can you get everything done? I know that alone, I could only write so many posts per week, for example. So, to meet my publishing goals, I hire freelance writers to help me out. 

By hiring a freelancer (or a few), I can multiply the amount of work that gets done for my blog all at once. 

Hiring a freelancer to help with #writing can quickly and easily improve the output of your #blog or website, which can help boost web traffic (e.g., blog readership). @UGifter #freelancewriting

Tax write-offs

We can’t pretend that running a blogging business doesn’t have some perks come tax season. If you’re making money blogging, your freelancers (and other expenses) are a write off on your income taxes. Even if your blog is still in the growth stages, you might be able to save some money on your personal taxes if hiring a freelancer puts you at a loss. 

Definitely check with your accountant to see how your blogging expenses can affect your income tax. This is a great way to grow early on and set yourself up for future blogging income.

You’ll actually be able to take blogging breaks

Hiring a freelancer for my blog has helped me be able to take blogging breaks. Sometimes I want to take a vacation, or life gets busy, or I just don’t have passion for blogging at that time. Thankfully, even when I’m not working, someone is. 

Even if you don’t regularly employ freelancers for your blog, you could hire someone temporarily to complete certain tasks, so you can actually take a break from blogging. 

I’m not going at it alone

One of the best ways hiring a freelancer has helped my blog is that it’s helped me stay motivated with blogging. Many of my freelancers have become personal friends, and give me a place to bounce ideas off. Since each one has different skills, experience, and perspective, I get great advice and ideas from my team of professional writers that I might not have come up with on my own.

“One of the best ways hiring a freelancer has helped my #blog is that it’s helped me stay motivated with #blogging.” — @UGifter

On top of that, they also are a huge support and encouragement for my blog and blogging work. It’s reciprocal; when I’m successful, I hire them more, so they genuinely care and want me to succeed. 

photo of a table with various things on it including a laptop, candle, cup of coffee, books, and a pair of glasses
Photo by Windows on Unsplash

These are just some of the million ways hiring a freelancer has helped my blog. While sometimes trying to find the right people to help can be stressful, I can say that overall, it’s been a positive experience. And one I definitely would recommend hiring a freelancer to other bloggers at any stage of their blogging journey. 

Visit Anne on the web at www.uniquegifter.com.


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