6 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Science Writer

By the Fancy Comma, LLC Team

Whether you’re a scientist looking for a way to communicate your research to the general public or a lay person seeking to communicate some of the scientific aspects of your business, hiring a freelance science writer or blogger may be a good idea.  

The purpose of science writing is to communicate scientific information in a way that is easily understood, whether that’s to help readers understand a topic, make a marketing pitch, or even as part of a larger document such as a report. Scientific topics can be hard to understand for a layperson while someone immersed in the scientific field may have a hard time communicating their ideas to the general public. A skilled science writer can bridge this divide by combining solid scientific know-how with articulate writing skills in order to make the most recent discoveries of the scientific community more accessible for everyday people. 

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We’ve already talked about reasons you should hire a freelance blogger.  Here are a few reasons why hiring a freelance science writer is a good investment.

  1. You’re short on time. 
    Hiring a science writer saves you time that could be better spent elsewhere.  Time is a precious commodity in our world.  Especially if you juggle many different obligations, handing off your project to an expert who can take care of all of the details is a good idea.  A good science writer can cut hours off of costly research and writing you would have to do yourself when explaining scientific topics to your audience.
  1. You’re dealing with a complicated topic that needs to be explained simply. 
    Whether your intended audience is a group of scientists, business executives, or people without a science background, a science writer can craft your message in a compelling, accessible way. A good science writer is someone who can clearly communicate the many complex ideas in various scientific field to the general public.
  1. You are not a scientist or you find science writing frustrating.
    Science writers typically have a science background and have worked on many scientific writing projects, so they can lend their science expertise to help your web content shine!  If you are a scientist, you may find science writing for a non-scientific audience frustrating, which is where a professional science writer can come in handy! 
  1. You want compelling, impactful content that is optimized for the web.  
    Freelance science writers apply their knowledge of SEO to maximize the visibility of your web content on Google.  Freelance science writing companies such as Fancy Comma, LLC are a great choice for SEO-optimized scientific writing.
  1. You have an idea that needs a bit of work to come to life.
    Hiring a freelance science writer can be useful if you are starting with an idea that you want to make a reality.  Experienced science writers can work with you to create an article that reflects what you are looking for. They can also advise you on content strategy for future articles.

  2. Experience matters in science writing and can save you time and headaches. An experienced science writer makes the difference between an assignment getting done in 30 minutes versus an assignment that gets done in an hour. A science writer who is experienced is better able to adapt to sudden changes and is more flexible with scheduling. 

There are many different types of freelance science writing including writing about public health, physics, environmental science, and engineering to name a few.  Science content writers can help you come up with blog articles for your website, for example, while science copywriters can help you come up with compelling, science-backed marketing strategies that can help drive sales.  There’s also technical writing, which is a very specific type of writing which is meant to instruct readers.  

Regardless of your exact writing needs, a professional science writing company such as Fancy Comma, LLC can help you advance your organization’s goals while staying true to your mission and values. Learn more about our writing services here.


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