3 Easy Tips to Dip your Toes in the Affiliate Marketing Waters

By Dawn Marie Beauchamp of EmbraceControlledChaos.com

Fancy Comma, LLC is honored to publish this post from Dawn Marie Beauchamp, a wife, mother, business owner, and freelancer at the blog Embrace Controlled Chaos.  Keep reading to learn more about affiliate marketing as a passive revenue source. Please note: this post contains affiliate links, allowing Dawn to earn a commission at no cost to the reader.

Photo by Serpstat from Pexels

You start a little website. Next you write a few blogs, post a few original designs, and venture into the online world to see how it feels. Now you’re hooked and are looking for something new to try, the next thing to add to your content. Let me introduce you to Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing allows the website owner to earn a commission when online viewers order products or services using links provided by the website owner. For example, you post your favorite lasagna recipe on your website. Within the blog post, you talk about your must-have favorite cooking utensil when making homemade tomato sauce. With Affiliate Marketing, you add a link to your favorite utensil so that, if a reader chooses to buy it, you receive a commission. Suddenly, your favorite recipe now has the potential to earn income.

Affiliate marketing is a way to generate passive revenue – that is, to make money with minimal work. @DawnMarieBeauc1

Where Do I Start?

I recommend checking out ShareASale.com as a first step on your Affiliate Marketing journey. ShareASale.com gives you a huge database of merchants to choose from and the commissions are profitable. My current merchants give commissions ranging anywhere from 5% to 20% of the purchase price. To sign up for ShareASale, click here.

I also belong to the Amazon Associates platform. Glancing at my fixed commission rate table, Amazon Associates’ commissions range from 1% to 10% depending on the product category. I use ShareASale to promote brands I use all the time. For specific items that may not fall into a merchant category there, I use Amazon Associates. Sign up for Amazon Associates here.

Link to Things You Know

In the land of Marketing and Sales, it is easier to promote things you know and care about. I believe it’s human nature at play. When you find a helpful or fun product, don’t you tell your friends? I do! I am all about sharing information with my loved ones about products that made my life easier. I have adopted the same philosophy on my website. I choose merchants and products that I actually use in my real life. Real life experience makes my promotion genuine, not forced. In my humble opinion, readers can tell the difference.

Legal Stuff – Disclaimers

In the land of Legal and Ethical, it is necessary to let your readers know you could potentially make a profit from the external links on your website. A simple disclaimer statement will do (see the one at the beginning of this post, for an example). The Affiliate Marketing sites will make recommendations if you need help with the wording. The statements let readers know, “I have the opportunity to earn a commission, but it doesn’t cost you anything.”

Ready to Dip Those Toes in Affiliate Marketing Waters?

In my opinion, there is nothing to lose from dipping your toes into the Affiliate Marketing waters. Start small. Link to things you love. Sit back and see what happens. I recently made my first sale off a link to the Erin Condren LifePlanner which is the only thing keeping my sanity intact these days. If you need a planner, I recommend you check it out! It holds my brain together. 

photo of dawn marie beauchamp

Dawn Marie Beauchamp is a wife, mother, business owner, and writer celebrating the chaotic adventure we call life. You can find more of her reflections on life, faith, parenting, and food on her blog – Controlled Chaos| Embrace the Adventure of the Everyday. Dawn’s goal is to give people a place where they can share the ups and downs of real life and feel fully accepted for who they are and how they are navigating life. In her spare time she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her family or tackling insane DIY projects at home. You can find her on the following social platforms – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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