5 Reasons We Should Write Your Next White Paper

By the Fancy Comma, LLC Team

Need an expert white paper writer? If you’re juggling many tasks, struggling with key organizational messaging, work with complex topics, and need to reach a broad audience: look to @FancyComma to help with your white paper needs.

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What Are White Papers?

White papers provide a brief, but thorough, overview of a proposal for a project, stance, or resolution. White papers, sometimes also called position papers or research reports, are often written in an informative, authoritative tone. They unpack the complexities of a topic or issue and garner support for the proposed project, topic, or perspective.

White papers drive awareness and spark interest for your idea across stakeholders and the broad public. While often academic in tone, white papers should not use jargon or complex technical language. They should include a clear and concise overview of the relevant context, research, and the reasoning for your idea.

Fancy Comma’s founder, Sheeva Azma, is an expert white paper writer. She has written and edited white papers for Congress, industry, real estate startups, biotech venture capital, government organizations, think tanks, nonprofits, and more. Trust Sheeva and Fancy Comma, LLC to make your next white paper a document that puts your best face forward.

Need to hire a white paper writer? Here are five reasons to look to Fancy Comma, LLC:

1. You’re juggling many tasks

When you’ve got a lot of projects going, you risk overextending yourself and/or your organization, which can lead to problems. Offloading white paper writing to experienced professionals can help.

Hiring an expert white paper writer creates space for you to focus on developing the core aspects of your business, organization, or endeavor. It also gives you the time and space needed to attract key stakeholders and build your audience. That way, you can make sure your white paper will be seen by the right people to help get your project get off the ground.

In short: hiring a white paper writer helps you to use the limited time you may have to work (and live) more effectively.

2. You need to make a good impression

Your white paper may be your first impression on the public. It should demonstrate the value of your work to your audience. Trusting this to experienced professional research writers and copy editors guarantees that your white paper presents you at your best.

The most fundamental quality concern is correct grammar, an error-free document, and appropriate writing style. Typos undermine the credibility of your work, which can cost your organization money.

Another vital element of a white paper is the flow of ideas. Logical flow of ideas facilitates your readers’ understanding. It guides your reader through the information, building a foundation of knowledge.

Attention to the grammatical and stylistic details of writing shows that you care about the details. But compelling writing is what draws in the audience. Compelling writing gives your reader a personal experience of the value and novelty of your topic.

Looking to an experienced, talented white paper writer ensures that your white paper checks all of these boxes.

3. You are writing about complex topics

At Fancy Comma, LLC, we are skilled in communicating complex topics simply. Nothing turns away an audience faster than incomprehensible jargon.

Many whitepapers have a goal of communicating complex scientific or otherwise technical information, such as the impact of COVID-19 on supply chains, or trends in financial markets.

Fancy Comma is experienced in communication in the science, health, technology, business, finance, and policy sectors. We work to create a white paper that reaches your audience and shows the value of your ideas. Our visibility in the science communication or SciComm community also gives us access to unique professional and lay audiences. Follow us on Twitter @FancyComma for our insights on SciComm.

4. You need to reach a broad audience

Depending on the goals of your white paper, your audience could be the general public, specific investors or stakeholders, or others. Regardless of its specific audience, your white paper should be understandable to a broad audience, as your readers will likely not be experts in your white paper topic.

We can help you determine your target audience, as well as the best communication strategies to connect with them via your white paper. We are experienced in writing informative, digestible white papers for audiences with a variety of interests and knowledge levels.

5. You’re still figuring out your messaging and direction

White papers are key to getting projects off the ground or gaining support for novel ideas or perspectives. However, they can also be time-consuming to create. If you’re not an experienced communications strategist, it can be tough to know what to say to make the right impression.

Hiring a talented white paper writer experienced in strategic communications can help advance your organization’s message. We work with you to develop key messaging for your white paper that you can apply in other areas of your work.

Clear ideas are the most powerful, so let us do the heavy lifting to come up with the strategic messaging you need to persuade and convince important stakeholders. We have written white papers to be read by investors, businesses, consumers, and even the U.S. Congress.

Hire Fancy Comma, LLC to write your next white paper

At Fancy Comma, we’ve worked on white papers on a variety of topics from trends in biotechnology, to supply chain issues, to financial technology (FinTech) and property technology (PropTech), to public policy recommendations. Fancy Comma has a track record for unpacking complexities and nuances so they can be understood by professional and lay audiences alike. We’re skilled in the strategic communications needed to advance your goals.

Learn more about our white paper writing services here. We’d love to write your next white paper, so contact us today!


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