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#FancyScienceShared was hosted by Fancy Comma, LLC and The Shared Microscope from Oct. 5-12, 2020 (Nobel Prize Week, 2020). The goal of the free, virtual (blog and social media) event was to celebrate scientific achievement and science communication. Check out the press release to learn more about the event, or keep reading for an archive of the week’s happenings.

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About #FancyScienceShared

This virtual (blog and social media) event will:

  • Highlight great accomplishments in science over time
  • Unite #scicommers, journalists, scientists, writers, and others interested in science
  • Encourage discussion about the importance of collaborative science and reducing information silos in Science Communication (SciComm).

This event will bring together scientists, science writers, journalists, and others in celebration of the Nobel Prizes — and excellent science and science communication in general.

The Nobel Prizes, Past and Present

Every day of Nobel Prize week 2020, we highlight exceptional achievements of Nobel Prize winners, the challenges they faced, and other related topics, such as scientific achievement in a pandemic, as well as diversity and inclusion in science. On Twitter (@FancyComma and @TheSharedScope), we summarize each day’s 2020 Nobel Prize winners, and talk about all things Nobel Prizes.

SUNDAY, Oct 4 All about the Nobel Prizes and their namesake, Alfred Nobel
MONDAY, Oct 5Celebrating Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine: 3 Forgotten Nobel Prize Winners Relevant to the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

TUESDAY, Oct 6Celebrating the Physics Nobel Prize: 5 Contributions from Nobel Prize Winning Physicists that Impact Everyday Life

WEDNESDAY, Oct 7Nobel Prize Winning Achievements in Chemistry: Marie Curie’s Relentless Curiosity and Perseverance

THURSDAY, Oct 8The Nobel Prizes in Literature

FRIDAY, Oct 9The Nobel Peace Prizes: Greta Thunberg for Peace

SATURDAY, Oct 10Diversity and Inclusion in Scientific Achievement
SUNDAY, Oct 11 – Twitter chat, #FSSChat, at 1 pm US Central time (7 pm UK time), about science, #scicomm, scientific achievement, and science journalism.
MONDAY, Oct 12How Nobel Prize Winners in Economics Are Making the World A Better Place

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments here.

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