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By the Fancy Comma, LLC Team

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sheeva azma -- fancy comma, llc

Sheeva Azma, MS, is the founder of science writing and digital communications company Fancy Comma, LLC. She is a freelance science writer, journalist, and leader in digital marketing, content strategy, and media communications. Learn more about her in this post.

Sheeva Azma has been a freelance science writer since 2013. Both a generalist and a specialist, her writing and research experience spans many topics around science, health, technology, finance, policy, business, and freelancing. Beyond her training in science, she is also trained in search engine optimization (SEO), public relations, media communications, and crisis communications management.

With degrees from MIT and Georgetown, @SheevaAzma has been a freelance writer and content expert in the fields of science, health, business, technology, and policy since 2013.

She received her BS in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2005. After this, she went on to work in a research lab at Massachusetts General Hospital for a few years before entering grad school. In 2013, she graduated from Georgetown University with an MS in Neuroscience. She was a scientist for a decade before shifting into freelance science writing. She also has experience in policy research and analysis. 

You can learn more about Sheeva in the video introduction she created for her Upwork profile below. You can also keep reading to learn more about Sheeva and her relevant experience as a freelance science writer.

Sheeva has conducted research at MIT, the Martinos Center of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard-MIT, and Georgetown University. After her tenure studying and working in neuroscience, Sheeva moved to Washington, D.C. Here she worked in two different policy research think tanks doing policy research and legislative analysis. She has also spent time working for the U.S. Congress. 

Due to her multifaceted educational and work experiences, Sheeva is a content expert in many fields: health, science, business and finance, policy, and technology. She also has expertise in numerous niche fields including supply chain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, trends in online retail and eCommerce, and neuroscience subfields, particularly cognitive neuroscience. 

She has published numerous single and multi-author research articles on topics around cognitive neuroscience, neurodevelopment, addiction, and neuroimaging which can be found on Google Scholar. She has also published policy research work. 

Her peer-reviewed science policy article titled “Poverty and the developing brain: Insights from neuroimaging,” was published in the journal Synesis. She has also published online articles on many topics, including one examining the effectiveness of brain training for long-running finance website The Motley Fool: “Does Brain Training Really Work?” Check out Sheeva’s writing portfolio or find her journalism work on MuckRack.

Beyond academic and public research articles, Sheeva and the rest of the Fancy Comma team (in collaboration with The Shared Microscope) have also recently published a book – available on Amazon – called “How to Get Started in Freelance Science Writing.”

You can find a more complete list of Sheeva’s numerous and broad selection of writing and editing work on Upwork. There, you will find more examples of writing including white papers, blogs, articles, and other writing as well as editing work.

Follow Sheeva on Twitter @SheevaAzma or visit her personal website at www.sheevaazma.com


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