Why Your Website Needs A Content Strategy

By the Fancy Comma, LLC Team

What is content? It can be blogs, video, pictures, podcasts, and more. Content is important for your blog or other website. Content has many purposes. It can entertain, instruct, or inform. It often helps people find answers to their questions. When content ranks highly on Google, this can elevate your brand. High-quality content also establishes you as a thought leader in your field or industry.

Yet, content doesn’t work its magic without a strategy. Whether you have a personal website, a professional website, or are a marketing professional looking to make a great impact, you’ll have to come up with a content strategy. It’s an essential piece of a website’s digital marketing efforts.

Content strategy optimizes content both for the web and the people that read it. Keep reading to learn more about content strategy and the ways it can help your online presence.

What Is Content Strategy?

Content strategy ensures that the information on your website or other web presence is easy to understand, engaging, authoritative, and true to your brand voice. Developing a content strategy requires that you have a plan for what you will say and how you will say it. You can read more about content strategy at Usability.gov.

What Does Content Strategy do?

A content strategy helps you make the most of your message. It takes into account what you are saying and how you will say it. Content strategy also incorporates digital marketing tools such as search engine optimization or SEO principles to help your content be as impactful as possible. It can incorporate social media marketing (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts) to make sure that your web content has a wide reach.

Keep in mind that content isn’t just for websites. A content strategist can also help you with strategies for digital communications such as e-mail marketing or social media, for example.

3 Reasons Your Web Presence Needs Content Strategy

Not convinced about the importance of an online content strategy for your digital content? Here are three reasons content strategy is important:

1. Your content needs to make sense together.

Taking the time to plan your content before writing forces you to do the difficult work of figuring out what you are saying and why. That’s why creating a content strategy, either by yourself or by hiring a content strategist, is a good investment in the long run. With a unified content strategy, it will be easier for your website’s readers, clients, and/or customers to grasp your organization’s overall message.

2. Your content establishes and promotes your brand.

Content is central to branding. Visitors to your website should be able to quickly learn what your organization is about. Once you’ve figured out the message, you can communicate it in a way that makes sense. What’s more, with a unified content strategy optimized for the web, your content can rank highly on Google, so people can find it more easily.

3. A good content strategy saves time and money, so you can do more with less.

Content strategy allows you to do less work while maximizing the impact of your web presence. A targeted, strategic approach means that you will likely end up writing less content that gets more pageviews. Maximize your marketing resources (if you have them!) or make the most of a shoestring budget with a well-defined content strategy.

Importantly, a good content strategist incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) into the digital strategy. This can help your web pages maximize their impact on Google. So, with an effective content strategy that includes SEO, you can do less work while achieving better results.

How Do I Create a Content Strategy?

It’s easy to develop a content strategy for your website. You can come up with your own content strategy, or you can hire a professional content strategist to develop a strategy for your website.

A content strategist with a technical and science background, who understands the complexity of your message, can help you with content strategy. They can optimize your message both for the web and for the people that read it.

Complex Web Content Makes More Impact with a Strategy

Whether you are in science, technology, health, business, policy, or another field, you can benefit from developing a content strategy for your website. People seeking to get their name out there, especially those in complex fields not traditionally aligned with marketing, may not realize that coming up with a content strategy is important. As a result, they may publish content to the web, but become frustrated when it’s not making the impact they had hoped for. Science copywriting, such as blog posts discussing the complexities tackled by biotech and health companies, needs a unifying content strategy to make the biggest impact.

photo of two people strategizing by writing on a whiteboard
Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Hiring a content strategist ensures that your content promotes your brand and business objectives while also being engaging and authoritative. Once you’ve got a content strategy, you can work on developing and publishing content and measuring the impact of your strategically-designed internet presence.

Our Content Strategy and Creation Services

At Fancy Comma, LLC, we are pros in digital communications and marketing strategy. We’re skilled in creating content strategy that is optimized for people and search engines alike. Learn more about our content creation, marketing, and communications strategy services here or contact us for more information.

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