Stephanie Bice and A Tale of Two Iranian-Oklahomans 

Given the politically polarized times in which we live, maybe it’s no surprise that two friends have opposing views of Rep. Stephanie Bice.

SciComm in History: Science Service (now the Society for Science)

Read about Science Service, a science communication initiative founded by a newspaper magnate and a scientist.

10 Things I Learnt From Reading the COVID-19 Headlines

In this post, science communicator Adama Saccoh of The Catalyst in Me discusses the lessons she has learned from following COVID-19 news.

COVID-19: A Force Multiplier for Poverty and Homelessness?

Sheeva Azma couldn’t bear watching the rise of COVID-related homelessness in central Oklahoma anymore. In this piece for The Xylom, she sets out to understand its underlying factors.